Often asked: How Clean Is A Brown Bear?

How do I wash my car at Brown Bear?

Self-Serve locations are open 24-hours and are extremely cost-effective. At Self-Serve locations, you only pay for the time it takes to wash your car.

  1. Swipe card.
  2. First Swipe = $3 charge.
  3. Push and release flashing green button to add 25 seconds for $0.25 per push.

Does Brown Bear Clean the inside of your car?

Brown Bear Car Wash protects the environment by capturing heavy metals, petroleum products and soap washed off cars before discharging the wastewater into the sewer system for more treatment. This year, we will pay to safely dispose of more than 500 tons of toxic “sludge”—almost 5 ounces for every car washed.

Does Brown Bear have vacuums?

Does Brown Bear Car Wash Have Vacuums? The company offers a car vacuum for its services.

How does Brown Bear unlimited car wash work?

The Unlimited Wash Club is a car washing subscription. With a Club membership, you’ll receive unlimited car washing privileges at all of our Tunnel locations for a flat, recurring Monthly fee, or consider a pre-paid Yearly membership and get 12 months for the price of 10. That’s two months free!

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What do you do if you see a brown bear?

What to do if you encounter a bear

  1. If you encounter a grizzly, do not run.
  2. Avoid direct eye contact.
  3. Walk away slowly, if the bear is not approaching.
  4. If the bear charges, stand your ground (you cannot outrun it).
  5. Don’t scream or yell.
  6. If you have pepper spray, prepare to use it.

Where does the brown bear live?

The awe-inspiring brown bear lives in the forests and mountains of northern North America, Europe, and Asia. It is the most widely distributed bear in the world. The world’s largest brown bears are found in coastal British Columbia and Alaska, and on islands such as Kodiak.

Does Brown Bear take credit cards?

Do you accept cards? Yes, all major payment cards are accepted at Tunnel Car Wash, Self-Serve Car Wash, and Touchless Car Wash locations.

How do I cancel my Brown Bear Car Wash?

Membership cancellation is easy. You may cancel or modify your membership at any time by completing the form available online at Brownbear.com/ClubChange or by calling 206.774. 3737 between 8am-4pm Monday-Friday.

Is Brown Bear Car Wash Safe for paint?

Its a fact, it happens by bad techniques, foam, hose off and a two bucket wash with the correct technique will minimise paint damage. The company that did my ceramic coating has a service to wash clients cars, they will do it in the same manner as they did the detailing.

Can you go through a car wash with a truck rack?

Do not take your rack through an automatic car wash. Parts of the car wash can snag on your rack causing damage to your rack, vehicle and the car wash.

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Can you go through a car wash with a ladder rack?

Never take vehicles with ladder racks through the soft-touch (brush-wash bay). Damage to the brushes can occur, and the vehicle owner is responsible. The same goes for tow trucks and other odd configurations that could have jagged parts that can snag and damage the brushes.

What is Enviroplate?

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